What makes a Great Networking Partner?


It is so tempting to go to networking events with a friend.  Just like walking into a party, it is less awkward to enter the room with someone to talk to, just in case there’s absolutely no one you know and can easily start a conversation with.  Right?

No.  Not really.

Going to a networking event with a friend is dangerous.  It has the potential to undermine your very reason for going – to meet new people.  That’s why you need not a friend, but a Great Networking Partner.

A Great Networking Partner:

  • Understands you are not there to talk to one another, much.
  • Seeks to introduce you to people they meet who are important contacts for you.
  • Is more interested in great conversations than collecting a huge number of business cards.
  • Looks for opportunities to talk about you and your business, or point out how great you are,  appropriately in group conversations.

The two most important things to know about GNP’s:

  • It takes one to know one, so BE this for your GNP’s.
  • GNP’s are not usually found, but are created through mutual education and practice.

So, if you already have a networking buddy, but you tend to show up and stick together, become a Great Networking Partner and turn them into one too, by sharing this idea with them and putting it into practice at your next networking event!  It will be the best gift you ever give them, or yourself.

Happy Networking!


LinWhat makes a Great Networking Partner?