Message Makeover Program

Do you always wish you knew just the right thing to say when someone asks, “What do you do?”  Do you wish you knew exactly how to attract your ideal client without wasting time and energy?  What if you could learn a formula to do exactly that?

The Message Makeover Mini Group Coaching Program is designed to help you have confidence in delivering your message, whether it is verbally when you are out networking or on your web site or social media.

If you want clients who are a fit for you and your business, sign up for IndieSalesCoach Message Makeover, and in 4 short weeks learn The Message Formula and get a chance to practice it in a safe environment!

In our 4-week group coaching program (2 webinars and 2 live group coaching calls):

►  Learn our proven formula for creating the right marketing messages –  from 30 second commercials to 20 minute presentations.
►  Master The Message Formula – a powerful tool that makes marketing adapt easily – now and in the future –  to target a new niche or new product offering.
►  Feel confident when you answer the question “What do you do?” – without ever sounding “salesy”.
►  Craft your consistent message – that you can apply across all your prospect and customer interactions – in networking, on your web site, in social media, and more.
►  Participate with great content and an opportunity to get your questions answered!  All sessions recorded for you to keep!

Sessions are Mondays at 7pm – 8pm EST. A new group starts each month!