FOCUS – how it changes everything…


Monday Mindset Tip:  What you focus on grows in your experience.  

This principle has been written about for many years, and recently neuroscience has verified it’s truth.

If you want a result in your business, you would do well to not just wish for it, but to focus on what you are creating.

Sean Covey, in his book The 4 Disciplines of Execution, talks about not focusing entirely on the goal at the end of the dream, what he calls the Wildly Important Goal, or WIG.  The WIG is the goal that if you don’t reach it nothing else matters.

Instead he suggests one focus on the smaller goals that lead up to accomplishing the WIG.  These smaller goals are called Lead Goals.

So, if you want to double your revenue stream from sales in your business, that might be your WIG (Wildly Important Goal).  But if you sit around focusing only on that you are likely to never do the things to get you there effectively enough to reach the WIG.

Instead, figure out what your Lead Goals are – those daily activities that will add up to your WIG – and focus on them.

Be willing to focus on the things in your business that will carry you forward.  Be resolute, dedicated and full of conviction about the Lead Goals and the Wildly Important Goal, and you will undoubtedly move ahead!

Until next time, I am Holding the Perfect Thought™ of Your Expanding Success.

LinFOCUS – how it changes everything…