Facebook Networking Best Practices Tip #2…


_ISC FB Networking Tip 2

I wouldn’t dare try to guess why Facebook does what it does.  It is enough to say that sometimes, Facebook does things that make all the time and effort we put into social media marketing efforts a little frustrating.

Networking on Facebook has been a tremendously rewarding activity for me.  I have not only found clients, but strategic partners, soul sisters, and friends, all through networking with other people on Facebook.

So all the little quirks that make me think. “Why on Earth would they do that?” are worth it.  Nevertheless, it is important to learn what we can about it and then let Facebook do what it does while keeping our time as productive as possible.

You may not even know that occasionally, your comment on another’s post, if it contains a link to your Facebook page, may be “hidden” by Facebook.  It isn’t removed, but no one else can see it.  As a host of the Make the Weekend Productive Networking Party, I have found as many as eight posts in one weekend hidden by Facebook.  That would mean eight people who meant to share the link to their business Facebook page weren’t getting seen by ANYONE!

When you are participating in a Facebook share/fanpage party/Networking Event try this technique to keep your comment with your page link from getting hidden:
1. type a word such as “Thanks” – or even type a full sentence description of your business – in the comment box first.
2. Hit enter (yes it will post the comment with your one word or one sentence)
3. Go back and edit the comment (click on the little pencil on the right end of the comment box) to add the rest of your message and include (paste in) a link to your page.

Otherwise Facebook may hide your post and no-one will see it – and that would defeat the purpose of sharing your page!!

Happy Networking!

Lin Schussler-WilliamsFacebook Networking Best Practices Tip #2…