Facebook Networking Best Practices Tip #1

_ISC FB Networking Tip 1

With any kind of networking, the fundamental principle is Be Generous.  After that, when it comes to Facebook networking, there is one rule that rules them all:  “Like” other pages from your personal account, not as your business page. 

So many people spend lots of time going to the other pages and “Liking” the others pages with no idea that their “Likes” don’t count for the other pages’ numbers because they are sharing the “Like” from their business page rather than their personal account.

As I said, the first rule of all networking is Be Generous, and you are not being generous when you return a “Like” from your business page!

It’s also important not to simply share the “Like” but to also ENGAGE with the other person’s page – that is – “Like” some of their posts, comment on them too (if you comment on 3 or more, you are sending FB a positive signal, and really doing them a favor), share some of their posts.  Of course, be genuine in sharing comments and likes, and do not feel obligated to do so where there is not a genuine interest.

Overall, the best thing you can do when participating in Facebook networking is to be a generous networker:  share your page “Likes” from your personal account and engage with comments and likes when you mean it!

Happy Networking!

Lin Schussler-WilliamsFacebook Networking Best Practices Tip #1