Coaches Circle

Creating Successful Habits in Business and Promotions for Coaches

Ever feel so alone in your business that the weight of making it a success seems to be smothering you?  Ever long for a like minded, supportive team with which to learn, brainstorm and believe in the possibilities of success?

Coaches Circle gives coaches who are in it alone a team of support and the focus and coaching to promote their business to new levels of success!

Too often coaches are in business to help but don’t know how to serve more people – that is, they don’t know how to sell their services without feeling “salesy” – either they don’t have the skill, the words, or new ideas, or they just hate the idea of having to sell what they do.

Coaches Circle is the place for coaches who work alone to find their team.  Part mastermind partners, part support group, part coaching on how to promote your business and stay on track with sales without ever feeling “salesy” or sounding pushy, Coaches Circle2 is the affordable answer for coaches who are just getting started or want to reinvigorate their practice and stop feeling like they are in it alone.

Coaches Circle provides…

  • A place to stay focused on building a successful practice (what we focus on GROWS!)!
  • A place to give and get ideas from other coaches (Law of Circulation in action!)
  • A weekly conversation and focus topic that supports holding the perfect thought about your business, your clients, your pipeline, attraction marketing, and your own possibility realized!
  • An affordable solution with never-too-many participants, so everyone can participate and get their questions answered and ideas supported!

To find out more, connect with Lin here for a Complimentary Strategy Session to explore whether Coaches Circle is a fit for you. 

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