Don’t hate networking…

not alone

People complain to me about networking all the time.  They say things like…

“I waste all this time and money and I get nothing from it.”


“I’m not really good in crowds.”

And here’s what I have to say.  Whatever your complaint about networking, it is not the problem.  What you THINK about it is (just like with everything else).  And I happen to know 9 Little Words that could help you turn around those thoughts.

Networking, making connections, building relationships, both online and off, is a crucial business activity, so you might as well learn to love it.

Here are seven tips I am sharing tomorrow at a speaking engagement where I’m giving a talk called Beyond Collecting Business Cards:  Making a Networking Strategy that Works for You.

  1. Be generous
  2. Give yourself a job to do
  3. Know your ideal client and where to find them… and if you can’t find them gathered together, make a place for them to do so.
  4. Expect great things
  5. Follow up and follow through
  6. Find and support your networking partners (see #1)
  7. Let go of what scares you

As it happens, these are pretty good tips for life too.  I’ll be exploring them in more depth in future posts.  In the meantime, get started loving networking…go make a connection and be generous to them right off the bat.  You will find it is well worth it.

Lin Schussler-WilliamsDon’t hate networking…

The fastest road to hell…

The fastest road to hell – sounds like something you’d like to avoid, doesn’t it?  Yet it is a habit of thought most of us experience daily.  And we also experience the backlash that goes with it.  In the mind  of a someone who has something to promote or sell, it can be devastating.

I’m talking about comparison.

Once I had the experience of setting a sales goal for myself, and when I met it, I felt great until I noticed my colleague had surpassed it.  I gave in to the “I’m not as good as they are” way of thinking, and you know, it did not inspire me to greatness.  It deflated my confidence.

Do you know why?  Because my confidence and well being were attached to something outside myself.  I had given my power to conditions and circumstances that had nothing to do with me – I might even say were none of my business.

Being authentically true to your goals and setting goals in the first place that make you come alive with the thought of accomplishing them, is the path to celebration – in sales and anything else.

Let go over comparing yourself to others.  Embrace you.  Then get the heck busy being the best you possible!

minute you begin Bucky Fuller

Lin Schussler-WilliamsThe fastest road to hell…

Do you ever feel like a cracked pot?

Ever feel like damaged goods?  Not good enough?  Unsuccessful?

Does it ever get in the way in your business – ever stop you from reaching your sales potential?

If you say no, it never has – well, move along.  This post is for those willing to be honest with themselves.

Everyone, no matter how successful has what Gay Hendricks, PhD calls an Upper Limit Problem.  It kicks in generally when we have stretched just a little past our comfort zone, and then, in order to bring back that loving feeling of comfort, we think, say, or do something to land us back in the, “I’ve been here before, so I know I can handle it” space.

Often we repeat this pattern over and over again.

What if we could understand that all the times we have given in to our upper limit for success, we were just adding character, experience, and the opportunity to choose differently this time?

I love the picture and quote below because from this point of view, inherent in the damage, is the possibility of beauty and greater value.

value of past damage

How about this… might you put my 9 Little Words to Change Your Results to work on it?

Up Until Now, I have let my past mistakes and limited thinking dictate my level of success.  Now, I Am Willing…

  • to see the beauty and opportunity in the past and shift my vision toward what I do want to create in my business and my sales results, and
  • to do the work to get me there.  No Matter What.

Believe in yourself.  I do.


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Lin Schussler-WilliamsDo you ever feel like a cracked pot?