FOCUS – how it changes everything…


Monday Mindset Tip:  What you focus on grows in your experience.  

This principle has been written about for many years, and recently neuroscience has verified it’s truth.

If you want a result in your business, you would do well to not just wish for it, but to focus on what you are creating.

Sean Covey, in his book The 4 Disciplines of Execution, talks about not focusing entirely on the goal at the end of the dream, what he calls the Wildly Important Goal, or WIG.  The WIG is the goal that if you don’t reach it nothing else matters.

Instead he suggests one focus on the smaller goals that lead up to accomplishing the WIG.  These smaller goals are called Lead Goals.

So, if you want to double your revenue stream from sales in your business, that might be your WIG (Wildly Important Goal).  But if you sit around focusing only on that you are likely to never do the things to get you there effectively enough to reach the WIG.

Instead, figure out what your Lead Goals are – those daily activities that will add up to your WIG – and focus on them.

Be willing to focus on the things in your business that will carry you forward.  Be resolute, dedicated and full of conviction about the Lead Goals and the Wildly Important Goal, and you will undoubtedly move ahead!

Until next time, I am Holding the Perfect Thought™ of Your Expanding Success.

LinFOCUS – how it changes everything…

The most misquoted quote…


Everywhere I go lately, I see one of the most widely quoted – or should I say paraphrased – sentiments, completely changed.  I was walking down the hall of the administration building at my daughter’s small liberal arts college this week, when there it was again, misquoted on a bulletin board promoting the quality of tomorrow’s leaders.  Then this morning, there it was on a tweet, misquoted in the same exact way.

I feel compelled to set the record straight and allow my dear readers to decide for themselves whether to continue misquoting one of the great American thinkers, or to follow the clues he left us in his actual words.

Henry David Thoreau left us Walden, an essay about his experience living the life he had imagined for two years, two months and two days, simply, in a tiny shack on Walden pond.  In it, he left a clue as to how we might behave in order to create the life we would love living.

What you often see, and I admit, I have a refrigerator magnet that says this, is something like this:  Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Sometime it is added:  Live the life you imagine.

And while that is some nice sounding advice, let’s look at what Henry David Thoreau really wrote.  (Warning:  There are a lot of “he’s” and “his,” which is not to say Thoreau thought this only applied to men.  In fact, there were women who took part in the conversations in the home of his friend and employer Ralph Waldo Emerson, which led Thoreau to his experiment.  Remember that in his day, “his” was the excepted possessive pronoun when either gender was implied.)

He said:

I have learned this, at least, from my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.

This is not the end of the clue, but it is enough to see the difference.

First and foremost, there is “if.”  We have a choice.  We may decide to advance confidently in the direction of our dream and endeavor to live the life we have imagined, OR NOT.  But if meeting with success not commonly expected sounds good to us, here’s a tip sheet for how to get there.

Secondly, there is “endeavors.”  To endeavor is to try.  He is not saying you must perfectly live the life you imagined.  He is saying advance confidently in it’s direction and TRY.  This may seem picky, but in my coaching practice I meet so many people who think if something is not perfect, it is not worth doing.  Understanding that endeavoring is all it takes to be working the process is huge.

More clues follow about how this might work in the following sentences of this one paragraph in Walden.  Enjoy the beauty of his language and the possibility of applying this to your own success…

He will put some things behind, will pass an invisible boundary; new, universal, and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around and within him; or the old laws be expanded, and interpreted in his favor in a more liberal sense, and he will live with the license of a higher order of beings.  In proportion as he simplifies his life, the laws of the universe will appear less complex, and solitude will not be solitude, nor poverty poverty, nor weakness weakness.  If you have built your castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.  Now put the foundations under them.

LinThe most misquoted quote…

What it looks like while you’re becoming a success…

looks like on the way

Do you have a vision of what success looks like for you?  Do you know exactly what you want your business to look like in a year?  In three?  I hope you do.  And I hope you focus on it frequently enough to stay motivated.

Because here what I know.

It doesn’t look like that now.  And it won’t look like that tomorrow or next week.

Just like the caterpillar doesn’t yet resemble the butterfly it will become in the end,  we have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable view of our business at the beginning and along the way.

Every step contributes.  Every leaf the caterpillar eats helps it become the butterfly.

Today, this is what your business looks like while it is becoming the business it will be.  Today, this is what you look like while you are becoming the success you will be.

Allow yourself to celebrate all the little ways you are moving toward your own success.  Know every small success is essential.  Know it won’t look like a butterfly until it is one, but that doesn’t make every day as a caterpillar important.

A business man I was meeting with today who is building a big business said this to me, “Everything is crucial, and nothing matters.”

Let go of your need for the end result to be obviously on it’s way.  Feed your faith, starve your fear, and get busy moving, inextricably, toward your big beautiful wings.

Lin Schussler-WilliamsWhat it looks like while you’re becoming a success…

Advanced Decision Making

_advanced decision making

Making a decision – a firm, dedicated, committed decision – in advance of any circumstances or conditions that may arise, is one of the most powerful tools we all have at our disposal.  That is Advanced Decision Making.

I watched the movie Men of Honor last night for the first time.  It is the story of Carl Brashear, the first African American, then also the first amputee, US Navy Diver.  It is a story of a man who decided, against some incredible odds, that he would not be defined by his circumstances or conditions.  His determination and commitment are not only extraordinary, but inspiring.  After years of striving against not only racial discrimination, but people who were dedicated to his failure, he had succeeded and become a respected diver, only to have a freak accident cost him part of his leg.  With those same people still against him, he succeeded in becoming the first amputee to be an elite Navy Diver.

What are you truly committed to becoming in your business, and what are you willing to do to get there, No Matter What?

I look forward to hearing about your Advanced Decision Making.

Until then, I am Holding the Perfect Thought™ of Your Expanding Success!

LinAdvanced Decision Making

5 tips to being unstoppable like a Derby contender…

Unstoppable manner


My friends around the world may not realize yet that the Kentucky Derby will be run this Saturday in my hometown, and that makes this week what we locals call Derby Week.  In truth, the Derby Festival has been going on for some time now, but this week it will be intense.  The famous of the world will be here by Friday evening for Hollywood style parties and such.

In honor of Derby Week, I wanted to pause and understand the unstoppable manner in which the incredible athletes – the thoroughbred horses – go after their goals.

Here are 5 tips we can apply to our sales process to become unstoppable!

1.  Train hard.  Derby contenders aren’t just born, they also train, exercise, practice.  What are you doing to train you mind to bring your best to your prospects and your clients?

2.  Perform your best, no matter the conditions.  On the first Saturday in May, I have seen rain, sleet and snow, sun, wind – and I have NEVER seen one of those conditions stop the horses of the Derby from giving their all.  What conditions are you letting get in your way?

3.  Wear your colors.  Everyone at Derby, horses, jockeys, and spectators, know you have to show up looking ready.  Whether it is your online presence, your print material, or your in-person presence, look like the super star you are, especially when you don’t feel it.

4.  Love your work.  Watch the Derby this year and watch when they bring the horses out to the Paddock to be saddled and paraded.  The race hasn’t even started yet, but invariably, the winners look excited and thrilled to be there.  Remember you get to decide what those feelings of anticipation mean, anxiety – or – excitement, terror – or thrilled.  Pick a winning attitude, and allow yourself to love your work.

5.  Give it your all.  Horses who make it to the Kentucky Derby are not quitters.  It’s a long race, and only those with determination get to run it.  Entrepreneurship is too.  Heck, sales in general can be a marathon.  Be dedicated to your business.  Giving it your all in sales does not mean being pushy; it means choosing to give it all you can every step of the way, and it often means giving up something else in order to remain dedicated to your goals.  What can you cut out of your habits, your calendar, that will allow you to give a little more to your business?

Be Unstoppable.

Lin5 tips to being unstoppable like a Derby contender…

Facebook Networking Best Practices Tip #2…


_ISC FB Networking Tip 2

I wouldn’t dare try to guess why Facebook does what it does.  It is enough to say that sometimes, Facebook does things that make all the time and effort we put into social media marketing efforts a little frustrating.

Networking on Facebook has been a tremendously rewarding activity for me.  I have not only found clients, but strategic partners, soul sisters, and friends, all through networking with other people on Facebook.

So all the little quirks that make me think. “Why on Earth would they do that?” are worth it.  Nevertheless, it is important to learn what we can about it and then let Facebook do what it does while keeping our time as productive as possible.

You may not even know that occasionally, your comment on another’s post, if it contains a link to your Facebook page, may be “hidden” by Facebook.  It isn’t removed, but no one else can see it.  As a host of the Make the Weekend Productive Networking Party, I have found as many as eight posts in one weekend hidden by Facebook.  That would mean eight people who meant to share the link to their business Facebook page weren’t getting seen by ANYONE!

When you are participating in a Facebook share/fanpage party/Networking Event try this technique to keep your comment with your page link from getting hidden:
1. type a word such as “Thanks” – or even type a full sentence description of your business – in the comment box first.
2. Hit enter (yes it will post the comment with your one word or one sentence)
3. Go back and edit the comment (click on the little pencil on the right end of the comment box) to add the rest of your message and include (paste in) a link to your page.

Otherwise Facebook may hide your post and no-one will see it – and that would defeat the purpose of sharing your page!!

Happy Networking!

Lin Schussler-WilliamsFacebook Networking Best Practices Tip #2…

Facebook Networking Best Practices Tip #1

_ISC FB Networking Tip 1

With any kind of networking, the fundamental principle is Be Generous.  After that, when it comes to Facebook networking, there is one rule that rules them all:  “Like” other pages from your personal account, not as your business page. 

So many people spend lots of time going to the other pages and “Liking” the others pages with no idea that their “Likes” don’t count for the other pages’ numbers because they are sharing the “Like” from their business page rather than their personal account.

As I said, the first rule of all networking is Be Generous, and you are not being generous when you return a “Like” from your business page!

It’s also important not to simply share the “Like” but to also ENGAGE with the other person’s page – that is – “Like” some of their posts, comment on them too (if you comment on 3 or more, you are sending FB a positive signal, and really doing them a favor), share some of their posts.  Of course, be genuine in sharing comments and likes, and do not feel obligated to do so where there is not a genuine interest.

Overall, the best thing you can do when participating in Facebook networking is to be a generous networker:  share your page “Likes” from your personal account and engage with comments and likes when you mean it!

Happy Networking!

Lin Schussler-WilliamsFacebook Networking Best Practices Tip #1

Facebook networking? – or – Facebook Networking!!!

_ISC FB Networking Best Practices

I have had several opportunities lately to introduce clients to the power of networking on Facebook, and they generally have one of two reactions:  a puzzled expression with head cocked to one side, or a light in their eyes that they are about to learn something they’ve been longing to know.

So, assuming you are one of the former, I’ll start at the beginning.

Why network on Facebook?

The more basic question really is, are your target clients on Facebook?  If you are a coach of almost any kind, the answer is probably yes. but if your target audience is teenagers, you may find they are spending time elsewhere.  The point is, these trends shift, and, like with every kind of networking, you have to know your clients and know where they gather.

Okay, so say you know they are on Facebook…

First of all, it is much easier to network on Facebook if one has a business page in addition to your personal Facebook account.  Lots has been written about the pros and cons of this, so if you’d like to spend time reading tons that may not apply to you on that subject, please try Google.  The short of it is – for the solopreneur or small business – Facebook gives you data on your page that you can’t get on your personal account, there is a limit to the number of friends you can have on a personal account that does not apply to a business page, and you can keep most of your private life separate from your business (it’s often good to share a little of who you are on your business page).  And as I mentioned above, networking gets easier with a page.

So, you have a Facebook page, what can you do to drive traffic to it and increase engagement?  Well, you can invite you friends to “Like” your page, you can post interesting content, and you can practice what you would like others to do for your page, you can engage with their pages – it’s called connecting.

Of course, you can visit other pages, “Like” them, and even leave them a note, but if you do this randomly, you may or may not get much in return.  A more organized way to connect on Facebook is by participating in FanPage Parties, like my Make the Weekend Productive Networking party.  You’ll find it at

Most parties list instructions in the post.  Just follow them carefully, and you can get started right away!

Many parties happen only on Fridays (mine goes Friday through Sunday), though the number of “weekend shares” seems to be growing.

But what good are the “Likes” for your page if they are not all from your target audience?  There are layers to this answer too, but for the page starting out, know that Facebook reacts differently to pages with higher numbers of “Likes” and, if you network with the right crowd, you’ll gain more than numbers – you will build relationships and gain valuable engagement!

Watch this blog for best practices and tips, and keep an eye out for a possible ebook giveaway on Facebook networking tips!

Until then…Happy Networking!



Lin Schussler-WilliamsFacebook networking? – or – Facebook Networking!!!

Questions worth asking…

_Mental FLoss Big Questions

My clients get tired of hearing me say it, and nevertheless, I keep saying it…

The quality of our lives, and our sales results, is directly related to the quality of the questions we learn to ask, and what we do with the answers we get.

A few powerful questions can change everything.  Here are some of the best ones I have learned to ask myself:

  • What ONE thing can I commit to and DO, today, to move me a step closer to my goal?
  • What have I been telling myself about my business that is holding me back from going for my goals?
  • What is distracting me?
  • What can I find to celebrate that happened today?
  • What do I do when I am operating in my Zone of Genius?  (i.e. – What is my Gift?)

What are your most important questions?

Whatever they are for you, make a habit of asking them and choosing appropriate action based on your answers.

Lin Schussler-WilliamsQuestions worth asking…