5 tips to being unstoppable like a Derby contender…

Unstoppable manner


My friends around the world may not realize yet that the Kentucky Derby will be run this Saturday in my hometown, and that makes this week what we locals call Derby Week.  In truth, the Derby Festival has been going on for some time now, but this week it will be intense.  The famous of the world will be here by Friday evening for Hollywood style parties and such.

In honor of Derby Week, I wanted to pause and understand the unstoppable manner in which the incredible athletes – the thoroughbred horses – go after their goals.

Here are 5 tips we can apply to our sales process to become unstoppable!

1.  Train hard.  Derby contenders aren’t just born, they also train, exercise, practice.  What are you doing to train you mind to bring your best to your prospects and your clients?

2.  Perform your best, no matter the conditions.  On the first Saturday in May, I have seen rain, sleet and snow, sun, wind – and I have NEVER seen one of those conditions stop the horses of the Derby from giving their all.  What conditions are you letting get in your way?

3.  Wear your colors.  Everyone at Derby, horses, jockeys, and spectators, know you have to show up looking ready.  Whether it is your online presence, your print material, or your in-person presence, look like the super star you are, especially when you don’t feel it.

4.  Love your work.  Watch the Derby this year and watch when they bring the horses out to the Paddock to be saddled and paraded.  The race hasn’t even started yet, but invariably, the winners look excited and thrilled to be there.  Remember you get to decide what those feelings of anticipation mean, anxiety – or – excitement, terror – or thrilled.  Pick a winning attitude, and allow yourself to love your work.

5.  Give it your all.  Horses who make it to the Kentucky Derby are not quitters.  It’s a long race, and only those with determination get to run it.  Entrepreneurship is too.  Heck, sales in general can be a marathon.  Be dedicated to your business.  Giving it your all in sales does not mean being pushy; it means choosing to give it all you can every step of the way, and it often means giving up something else in order to remain dedicated to your goals.  What can you cut out of your habits, your calendar, that will allow you to give a little more to your business?

Be Unstoppable.

Lin5 tips to being unstoppable like a Derby contender…